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Former U.K Special Forces Support Group Security Consultant.

Colin J. Eastaway
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Colin J. Eastaway

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Delivering bespoke close protection and private security services with professionalism and discreetness. Working together to create a safe and secure environment without hindering the normal daily routine of our clients. Delivering a full list of specialist services including close protection, security consulting and protective surveillance. Our team have a proven track record of delivering accurate risk assessments and sustainable security plans, business risk management and specialist security services. Highly experinced in delivering expert cost effective solutions for improving existing security measures at both business, residential premises, luxury properties and private real estates in the United kingdom and across Europe: Call us today: +447501181810

Colins career in security started 20 years ago when he joined the elite Armed Forces unit the British Parachute Regiment. As he progressed to the U.K Special Forces Support group so did levels of responsibility, operating as a team leader on counter terrorism operations across the globe whilst adhering to the core values and standards of the British army.This is a still work ethic that he stands by in his work today.

Our team provide physical protection services, business risk management and security consultantcy in the United Kingdom. Our previous clients have included a number of world famous celebrities, foreign diplomats, international superstar DJs, premiership footballers, ultra high net-worth business men and women and many private families. All our team members carry emergency first aid and advanced pre-hospital care qualifications FREC 3.

Security Industry Authority (SIA).

All our team members are licensed with SIA in Close Protection, the is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the U.K; it is a criminal offence to undertake such activities of a security operative without the SIA licence in the U.K.

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Executive Close Protection
VIP Security, client chaperone & advisory services.

To Listen to the principals requirements and work closely with them to deliver a unique tailored security solution for each assignment.

Our North West team of security operators are hand-picked for their key skills gained from specialist backgrounds including; former British Special Forces and other elite British military regiments and govenment agencies. Holding internationally recognised qualifications in front line close protection, security consultancy, crisis management and medical response.

Residential Security.

Crime on luxury homes and private properties is evolving across the U.K and international criminal gangs are establishing new-sophisticated methods to attack private premises. Threats including burglary with assault, the use of sleeping gass or even potential kidnap and ransom attempts are becoming more common.

Our specialist residential security and asset protection teams have international experience and can be deployed on short term or long term assignments at short notice.

  • Bespoke Close Protection Services
  • VIP Security Chaperone
  • Travel Management
  • Celebrity Bodyguards
  • Consultancy & Advisory Services
  • Residential Security Team (RST)
  • Private Investigations
  • Logistical Support
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Travel & Risk Management.

Interational VIP Security Consultancy. Connecting a wide range of specialist security and elite services for travelling VIP clientele, managing both business and lesuire travel safely and securely:

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The Commitment.

Providing all our clients with a trustworthy single point of contact for all professional specialist security and international risk management services. Based on specific family, business, sporting or international celebrity related requirements delivering bespoke, all inclusive, physical and intellectual security solutions. To protect all your rights to privacy and confidentiality at all times, to ensure that at no time will any sensitive information be revealed to any third party under any circumstances.



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